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Corporate Training

This program enables organizations to maintain a competitive edge, increasing agility and strengthening innovation potential. Teams going through this program will understand the disruptive forces and trends that affect their industry and discover new opportunities for their organization.



Workplace wellness programs are a coordinated and comprehensive set of workplace health promotion strategies. Wellness is an active process of being aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Workplace wellness programs focus on; employee wellness programs and employee assistance programs. The programme targets on the physical & psychological wellbeing of all employees. It includes; health promotion activities, wellness policies, disease prevention, care and management.

Components of wellness trainings offered are;

  • Developing workplace wellness policies
  • Training wellness coordinators
  • Training wellness champions
  • Conducting wellness day
  • Lifestyle diseases
  • Financial wellness



Mental health problems are a result of complex interplay between biological, psychological, social and environmental factors .It’s important to recognize that mental health can be affected in multiple ways.

While there is stress relating to our work environments that need to be managed, we must also remember to monitor the stresses in our personal life as well. There is increasing evidence that both the content and context of work can play a role in the development of mental health problems in the workplace. Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and stress, are common, affecting individuals, their families and co-workers, and the broader community.
While much of our working environment is determined by others, individually we can take steps that will help to protect and enhance our mental health and wellbeing. Mental health problems have a direct impact on workplaces through increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, and increased costs.

Components of mental health training;

  • Stress management
  • Identifying compulsive mental disorders
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Basic counseling
  • Peer counseling
  • Dealing with depression and suicides

hivAids program


HIV is still a big concern to our country as new HIV infections continue to rise and HIV related deaths are on the rise too. HIV and AIDS is a workplace issue as organizations and companies continue to lose their workforce to HIV related death.

Currently the country loses approximately 28,000 HIV related deaths with 52,000 new HIV infections being registered. The HIV prevalence is at 4.8% among the adults. Kenya has the 4th HIV epidemic in the world. The adolescent girls are most at risk with 51% of HIV new infections being reported among this cohort.

Trainings offered under HIV programs;

  • HIV policies formulation
  • Peer education
  • HIV risk assessment
  • Emerging trends in HIV
  • 3 dimension of Condom use
  • HIV testing services



In this era of social media, teenagers have become extremely good at making virtual friends but extremely poor at creating and maintaining personal relationships. The society has exposed the young people to social evils like rape, corruption, gambling, drugs and family negligence.

Life skills & mentorship programs promote positive outcomes by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and giving the support needed to build on their strengths as well as prevent risky behaviors. The opportunities, skills, and atmosphere offered in a positive youth development program can lead to better health, social, and educational outcomes. Young people need skills on how to manage their sexual feelings and make responsible decisions about their health, exposure to drugs, personal goal setting and friendship formation.

Some of the life skills the adolescents and youth are trained on are;

  • Assertiveness
  • Self-awareness
  • Decision making
  • Sexual reproductive health
  • Coping with frustration and stress
  • Parent – teen communication

corporate team building


A recent Gallup study found that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 63%, while people with a self-described best friend at work are seven times more likely to be fully engaged at work. Team-building programmes provide realistic experiences that empower individuals to contribute to common goals. The success of most organizations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective cohesive teams.

Counseling Haven is recognised as a leading company in providing innovative team building bonding experiences. We continuously create new programs and improve our existing portfolio, setting ever-higher standards of excellence. Counseling Haven has created memorable, vibrant and effective teambuilding and motivational events for our clients. Whether your priority is to energize, motivate, inspire or rebuild your team, we deliver teambuilding events that are proven to realize key benefits for your organization. We will revitalize your employees’ creative juices and give your team the brain food they crave.

What we offer;

  • Outdoor team building
  • Indoor team building
  • Corporate ice breakers/energisers
  • Adventure team building
  • Sports day
  • Family fun day

Counseling Haven and Training Center is an organization composed of a team of counseling experts from diverse fields, and specializations. The team includes psychologists, motivational speakers, coaches and team builders also have a network of consultants in our team hence we offer quality support.

Address: 5499-00506 Nairobi, Kenya

Email: info@chtc.co.ke

Phone: +254 750 556 135

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