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Family Enrichment Program

Counseling Haven addresses family issues by offering seminars to different groups. From our experience when issues of men, women, and youth are addressed separately people look at themselves comprehensively then later we offer couple counseling and family counseling.

Married women/men seminar

Counseling haven has a structured course where married women/men are empowered to live a fulfilled and productive life in marriage as well as to retain their individuality.

Our objective is to have married women/men

  • Balance career/house management and family better.
  • Gain self-knowledge, self- awareness and self-acceptance.
  • Address issues of power and power struggle in marriage.
  • Communicate better
  • Address issues of self-growth
  • Address cultural diversity and effects to self, family and community.
teens& adolescents


Parenting in today’s global village is a great challenge to most parents. At counseling haven we take a preventive approach as we empower parents to:

  • Communicate better with their children.
  • Understand their children language.
  • Win their children co-operation.
  • Bring up well-rounded and responsible children.
  • Learn to parent adolescents.
  • Learn to parent singly/alone.

Our ultimate goal is to have parents who enjoy parenting, parents who bring out the best in the children as well as bringing up all rounded and responsible children.



After addressing issues of men, women and parents counseling haven bring it all together as we address couples issues as in:

  •  Relationships
  • Financial conflict resolution
  • Bringing up children
  • Childlessness in marriage
  • Beyond the nuclear family
  • Culture diversity, among others

We also offer family therapy, individual as well as couple counseling.

Counseling Haven and Training Center is an organization composed of a team of counseling experts from diverse fields, and specializations. The team includes psychologists, motivational speakers, coaches and team builders also have a network of consultants in our team hence we offer quality support.

Address: 5499-00506 Nairobi, Kenya

Email: info@chtc.co.ke

Phone: +254 750 556 135

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