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Youth Programs

According to WHO the leading killer among the adolescents aged between 15 – 29 years is; HIV/AIDS, Depression/Suicides, Road accidents related to alcoholism, Lifestyle diseases and lower respiratory diseases accordingly. All the above causes are behavioral related causes hence the dare need of empowering the youth with behaviour communication change information.



Life skills & mentorship programs promote positive outcomes by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and giving the support needed to build on their strengths as well as prevent risky behaviors..

The opportunities, skills, and atmosphere offered in a positive youth development program can lead to better health, social, and educational outcomes. Young people need skills on how to manage their sexual feelings and make responsible decisions about their health, exposure to drugs, personal goal setting and friendship formation. The youth are so good in making virtual friends but very poor in maintaining physical friends. Digital evolution coupled with fast internet has exposed the youth to many vices with little or no parental guidance. Social media addiction is a common phenomenon driving young people into committing suicides.

Some of the life skills the adolescents and youth are trained on are;

  • Assertiveness
  • Self-awareness
  • Dealing with addictions: social media, online games, betting, drugs, sex
  • Sexual reproductive health
  • Coping with frustration and stress
  • Parent- teen communication
  • Embracing the technological world



The 21st Century has presented major disruptions in terms of work, lifestyle and education in the world. New innovation and a paradigm shift in human’s needs have resulted into a change of career paths with many emerging careers being realised.

There is a shift in traditional form of science based careers to art based careers. Some of the new emerging careers in the fields of information technology,art,fashion and music,pyscohology,security,sports just to mention a few. Youths need to align themselves with the current trends through seeking mentorship on career path they want to take.

Topics under this training session are:

  • Self-assessment through SWOT analysis
  • Career wheel
  • College life transition
  • Emergin careers
  • Getting the right mentor
  • Volunteerism and Internship



Alcohol and drug abuse has become rampant in our country and the youth have not been spared too. According to a report by WHO road accidents caused by alcohol related incidences are among leading causes of death among the youth.

Young people are taking drugs as early as 9 years with majority being introduced into drugs in school. The environment has exposed the young people to drugs as they are easily available. Other risk factors that have predisposed the young people to drugs are; bad role models, catchy advertisements, peer pressure and seeking adventure. Alcohol is the leading source of drug abuse among the youth with bhang coming second. Drug abuse among the youth has also been attributed to increase in HIV infections among the youth, rise in suicide levels, early pregnancies and poor academic performance.

Sessions covered under drug abuse are:

  • Naurobiology of drug addiction
  • HIV and drug abuse
  • Impacts of drug addiction
  • Addiction counseling

Adolescent Reproductive health


Teens and adolescents are facing a mileage of reproductive health in our nation raging from HIV, lifestyle diseases, abortions and mental health problems resulting from their physical health.

Kenya is 4th in terms of HIV infections among the adolescents in the world.51% of HIV new infections in the country is from the adolescents girls.Non-Communicable diseases account is now a leading cause of death among the youth.63% of the disease burden in the country are lifestyle diseases. Close to 500,000 abortions are done in the country annually majority of those are done by the youth. Teenage pregnancies are an alarming issue in the country.

Sessions covered under adolescent sexual health

  • HIV and the youth
  • Lifestyle disease
  • Body mapping
  • Personal grooming
  • Human sexuality



Other training programs offered by Counseling Haven tailored for the youth programs are:

  • Decent conversations
  • Healthy relationship
  • Leadership and coaching
  • Embracing the digital world
  • Stress management
  • Motivation talks
  • Fun day

Counseling Haven and Training Center is an organization composed of a team of counseling experts from diverse fields, and specializations. The team includes psychologists, motivational speakers, coaches and team builders also have a network of consultants in our team hence we offer quality support.

Address: 5499-00506 Nairobi, Kenya

Email: info@chtc.co.ke

Phone: +254 750 556 135

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