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The Un Instagrammable Self

By now, we all know that social media is the land of “highlights” only “highs” no “lows”. Everyone has taken the bait, posting something on social media that didn’t reflect on how they are currently feeling. We end up guilting ourselves into should feel happy moments that we think a selfie will cure. Our most authentic self the one that stumbles, learns, and grows has to stay under wraps. We need to reset ourselves and start appreciating the “Un Instagrammable Self”. The self that isn’t typically getting love on social media, but it's the one that truly matters most. It’s the person who makes mistakes, prevails through failure after failure, and endures moments of grief, pain, and heartbreak. Everything of any significance that you will do in your life will be done by your un-Instagrammable self. We all have multiple identities: Who we are with ourselves, who we are with others, and the virtual self we create and share on social media. It’s easy to get swept up in that last avatar that we create for ourselves online but in doing so; we subtly send a signal to our real selves that we’re not good enough. Selfies are like movie trailers, you get excited of the snippet and forget to recognize the hard work behind the scenes that has gone into making the movie great. Start trusting your un-Instagrammable self with all its flaws, it’s your biggest growth opportunity. It is our flawed human self, not our avatar, who creates things, who is overworked, who lacks work life balance, who is abused and forgives. Greet your un-Instagrammable self with compassion and curiosity, and know it’s a version of you that’s enough and one that’s leading the way for you to continue to grow. Take Home Message : I would like to pause for just a moment to appreciate the parts of you that you don’t put online…And tonight, as you upload that photo, take a moment to check in with your un-Instagrammable self and thank them for getting you this far and for taking you the rest of the way.” By Laban Muruthi


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