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Church Programs

Counseling Haven addresses family issues by offering seminars to different groups. From our experience when issues of men, women, and youth are addressed separately people look at themselves comprehensively then later we offer couple counseling and family counseling.


Counseling Haven facilitates rite of passage for both boys and girls for churches running this program. We offer technical advice and facilitation services for religious organization to implement the rite of passage based on the church faith and practices.

The adolescent phase is a time of dynamic change, filled with new feelings, physical and emotional changes, excitement, questions and difficult decisions. During this time, young people need information about their own sexuality.
They also need skills to help them plan for a promising future. At this age, young people experience changes in their bodies as well as in the relationships with their peers, family members, and adults; good communication and other relationship skills can help ensure that these relationships remain healthy.

Topics covered during the rite of passage include but not limited to;

  • Transition to adulthood
  • Adolescent sexual health
  • Teen –parent communication
  • Dealing with addictions: social media, drugs, sex, gambling.
  • Healthy relationships

church fun day


Church family fun days are events meant to bond the congregation through engaging in fun activities combined with health screening.

It is a day for different families in the church to socialize, cement good relationships and mingle to reinforce the social networks and share life experiences. It’s also a day to celebrate the milestones achieved by the church and exemplary church members. It’s all about all the church members enjoying a day out and having a good time on variety of team building, music and good food.

Some of the activities that you will experience during the family fun day include;

  • Kids’ corner; bouncing castle, slides, inflatables, face painting.
  • Teens arena;music,dance competition, art competition
  • Youth and Parents; competitive fun activities
  • Health screening;BMI,blood pressure and blood sugar

adolescents and youth lifeskills


Currently, the adolescent and the youth have been exposed to global information, cultures and practices with limited or no parental guidance. The rate of teenage pregnancies, abortions have escalated .The adolescents in Kenya contribute 51% of the new HIV infections.

In this era of social media, teenagers have become extremely good at making virtual friends but extremely poor at creating and maintaining personal relationships. The society has exposed the young people to social evils like rape, corruption, gambling, drugs and family negligence.
Life skills & mentorship programs promote positive outcomes by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and giving the support needed to build on their strengths as well as prevent risky behaviors. The opportunities, skills, and atmosphere offered in a positive youth development program can lead to better health, social, and educational outcomes. Young people need skills on how to manage their sexual feelings and make responsible decisions about their health, exposure to drugs, personal goal setting and friendship formation.

Some of the life skills the adolescents and youth are trained on are;

  • Assertiveness
  • Self-awareness
  • Decision making
  • Sexual reproductive health
  • Coping with frustration and stress
  • Parent – teen communication

Counseling Haven and Training Center is an organization composed of a team of counseling experts from diverse fields, and specializations. The team includes psychologists, motivational speakers, coaches and team builders also have a network of consultants in our team hence we offer quality support.

Address: 5499-00506 Nairobi, Kenya

Email: info@chtc.co.ke

Phone: +254 750 556 135

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